Do more than count.

Numina measures what, where, when, and how things move in streets and open space. This data helps city planners, mobility companies, and other stakeholders design better systems for people, bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and more.

How Numina measures pedestrians

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Numina is measuring multimodal traffic behaviors to help one of the nation’s most pedestrian-fatal cities. Read more »

Numina is a standalone solution.

Strap to light poles.

Power off the light pole or a solar kit. Connect over cell network. Mount anywhere.

Power off the pole or a solar kit.

Learn from Numina data using the dashboard we built for city planners.

Access data from your desktop or via API.

Keep using your preferred tools, and load Numina data via our API.

Contact us for documentation on our hardware and API.

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