Our Mission

Make cities more responsive, so they are safer, healthier, and more equitable for the people who live in them.

Smart cities are responsive ones — ones that can adapt to the needs of citizens and the evolving conditions of streets, neighborhoods, governance.

Our Objective

Empower cities with data to become more walkable, bikeable, connected, efficient, resilient, vibrant, and prosperous.

Walkable, Bikeable, Connected

  • Build transportation equity into decision-making.
  • Assure cities serve neighborhoods based on need.

Efficient, Resilient

  • Minimize congestion, and decrease pollution.
  • Help cities anticipate and bounce back from environmental and economic events.

Vibrant, Prosperous

  • Support delightful, welcoming, diverse places.
  • Promote access to opportunity.
  • Enable strong businesses.

Our strategy

  1. Fit with how cities actually work — their work flows, their constraints, their need to serve everyone.
  2. Recognize that every city is unique.
  3. Make it easy for cities to adapt and innovate.
  4. At the core of everything, understand people (citizens, government, organizations, and companies), and work to keep cities in all aspects human-scale.
  5. Deploy Numina to have the deepest well of data from the public right of way.