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Real-time insights
from streets

Numina is a deploy-anywhere sensor solution that gives cities unprecedented traffic data.


Purpose-built for streets

Our sensor mounts to light poles at 15-25 feet, runs on grid or solar power, and connects over GSM (cell phone) network. It was designed from inception to seamlessly meet the needs of planning departments everywhere.


Continuous, accurate measurement

Our sensors use computer vision to automatically differentiate and measure each type of traffic. Numina learns from its environment and improves its accuracy over time. We can push new updates to the system on demand and over-the-air.


Intelligence without surveillance

Numina was designed to protect privacy. Our sensors use onboard computing to pre-process and then erase imagery,
resulting in traffic data sets that are anonymous and secure.

Use cases

Applications within and beyond urban planning.

Measure flows of bicycles, pedestrians, wheelchairs, vehicles, and more

Visualize paths and speeds of objects

A/B test the built environment

Detect anomalies in the city’s “pulse”

Automatically trigger city services

Support last-mile routing for autonomous vehicles

An accessible, standalone solution

Easy Installation

Power off the light pole or a solar kit. Connect over cell network. Mount anywhere.

Dashboard for cities

Learn from Numina data using the dashboard we built for city planners.

API access

Keep using your preferred tools, and load Numina data via our API.

Created for urban planners. Built by technologists. Supported by leaders.